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Online Sales Support

Online Sales Support

1. Purchasing Transactions

To add the products you would like to buy on our web site to your cart, click button. When the product is added, “Product has been added to your cart” message will appear on the top right corner of our web site. If you don't want to buy any other products, please click My Cart link on the top right corner of our site to complete your shopping.

On My Shopping Cart page, please select the city and district which the product will be delivered to. Check the prices of the products you would like to buy and please click button if the prices are correct.

In the next step, if you are already a member of our web site, please type your e-mail address and password in login section and click button to continue with your shopping. If you have not signed up yet, fill in the new membership form accurately and click button. An activation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. After completing your activation, please type your e-mail address and password in login section and click button to continue with your shopping.

Next screen is delivery details page where you can enter your Delivery and Billing address. Please enter address details where your product(s) will be delivered and press button.

Next screen is delivery details page. After having selected Billing address and Delivery address, click button.

Finally, Payment Details page will be displayed. Enter your credit card details and click button to complete your shopping. We wish you to enjoy your product.

2. Payment Options

You can pay with credit card on our system.
a) Paying with Credit Card
All VISA and Mastercard holders can pay with their credit cards in advance.
b) Paying by Installments in Credit Card
Yapı Kredi World card holders can purchase products by 3 installments without paying commissions.

3. What is 3D Secure?

Developed by Visa and Mastercard to increase the security of online payments, this system directs you to the web site of the bank that issued your credit card and performs authentication for your credit card’s password. Thus, even if someone knows your card number, your will be safe in electronic environment as you are the only person that knows the password.

What is 3D Secure safe?

In 3D Secure system, the bank asks the card holder to enter payment password, known only by the card holder, to verify the identity while paying online. This system prevents unauthorized persons to use your card online.

4. Shipping and Cargo Requirements

The products purchased on our web site are delivered by Yurt İçi shipment company and our Authorised Services. Delivery time is 2-10 business days. Please check if your product is undamaged and functioning when you accept the delivery. Please contact our call center about the delivery problems. (444 0 888)

5. Cancellation of Order

You can follow your orders on "My Orders" page under "My Account" menu. Please contact our Call Center (444 0 888) and provide the order number you wish to cancel. Orders cannot be cancelled after the product has been delivered. In that case, you should claim for Refund.

6. Refund Process

You can return the products purchased on Arçelik.com within  (14) days after you have accepted the delivery. You should meet the following conditions for your claim for refund to be acknowledged by Arçelik. Otherwise, your claim for refund will not be accepted.

  • Return time is  (14) days after delivery date.
  • You should notify your claim for refund by contacting Arçelik Call Center 4440888
    Claims for refund shall not be accepted at the channels and units (Service/Dealer) other than call center.
  • The product’s package, invoice and accessories if any must be submitted completely.
  • Shipment price of the return products will be charged to the customer.
  • The refund will be made to your credit card within 10 days after the product or products have been delivered to our service and your claim for refund has been confirmed.

7. Sales Contract

Click here to view Sales Contract

8. Privacy Policy

As Arcelik.com.tr, we show respect to your personal privacy rights and strive to ensure your privacy when you are using our site. Below you may find explanations about the security of your personal information.

Log Files

Arçelik.com.tr records log files for statistical purposes as many other standard web servers. These files contain standard information such as your IP address, Internet service provider, properties of your browser, operating system and the pages you have entered from and exited the site. Log files are never used with the purposes other than statistical aims and your privacy is not violated. Your IP address and other information are not associated with your personal information.


The term "Cookie" defines a small text file that web site server places in your computer's hard disk. Some parts of our site might be using cookies for user convenience. Also, the advertisements on the web site might use cookie and web beacon to gather advertising data. This completely depends on your permission; you can prevent it by changing your Internet browser's settings any time.